#85: Ally Maque on bringing VR to the mainstream with the VirtuAlly show & ASMR audio insights for VR

Ally Maque of PixelWhipt & ASMRrequests talks about her new VR video show called VirtuAlly.

VirtuAllyAlly wants to help bring virtual reality to the mainstream by producing a show that covers the weekly highlights of VR news. She talks about coming from the world of producing Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) videos where there is a heavy focus on producing binaural audio content. She talks about some of her VR insights from the process of producing first-person, immersive media like her sci-fi ASMR video called Departure.

She talks about some of her favorite VR experiences including Sensa Peso, RedofPaw’s Totoro & Spirited Away demos, Windlands, and the Alien Makeout Simulator. Finally, she sees that VR could eventually do anything and will change so many aspects of a variety of different industries.

Here’s the first episode of VirtuAlly:

If you’re curious to learn more about ASMR then this Vice article on the roleplay subculture of ASMR is a good primer. Or here’s a NSFW cartoon explaining ASMR that Ally says is “Hands down, best explanation of ASMR I’ve ever seen.”