Since May 2014, Kent Bye has conducted over 1200 Voices of VR podcast interviews featuring the pioneering artists, storytellers, and technologists driving the resurgence of virtual & augmented reality. He’s a philosopher, oral historian, & experiential journalist helping to define the patterns of immersive storytelling, experiential design, & the ultimate potential of XR. For more on Kent and to find out how to get on his podcast check out his main website at

Follow him on Twitter at @kentbye, email him at, and consider donating to his Voices of VR Patreon campaign so that he can continue his podcast series.

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  1. Fredrik May 31, 2014

    Great interviews. My favourite so far was maybe the Nonny one. Extremely interesting to hear someone experimenting with more serious subject matters. And also a woman. But just listened through all your latest interviews thanks so much for doing this for the community to enjoy and be inspired by!
    Thank You.

  2. Hey Kent!

    I was wondering if you’d be interested in interviewing me over skype about scenevr – an attempt to build an opensource, social VR space that is built on web technologies?


  3. Benjamin Lok Apr 30, 2015

    Kent, just discovered this podcast and wanted to say ‘bravo!’ (i listened to the lindeman interview). keep up the fantastic work, i think you are helping spread ideas and knowledge very quickly amongst the VR community!

    i sent your link to several other vr researchers. i’m not sure how much publicity your blog has in the academic community, but may i suggest posting to the IEEE VR facebook page and twitter feed, and to possibly ping next year’s IEEE VR’s chairs (Sab Babu and Larry Hodges – Clemson University) and see if they can do something unique. please keep it up!

  4. Bernie Roehl May 30, 2015


    I’ve been listening to your podcast for a long time, and I love it — you’re a great interviewer. I’ve just backed you on Patreon.

    One suggestion — you may want to put a link to your Patreon on your website. That way people can find it without having to go to Patreon and search for it.

    Keep up the great work!

  5. Francisco Oyarzo Jun 4, 2015

    Hi Kent
    Just wanted to thank you for all the effort on producing these podcasts. They are a source of knowledge and inspiration for everyone interested on the potential of VR.
    All the best from Chile.

  6. Hi Kent, could Nick and I (Crystal Rift) schedule todo a podcast with you in the first week of August ?, it would time with our next Steam update of Crystal Rift (Room Scale, Swords and Monsters), and we always have lots to say, we both have Vive’s have just Finished a Jam etc etc .. would also be awesome to be on the show

  7. Eriks Jul 22, 2015

    Hello Kent,
    I wanted to introduce you to my friend Shannon. Shannon is running a kickstarter right now for a VR camp at burning man this year.

    I thought there might be an interesting story to be told about what Shannon’s been working on. Burning man itself is always fun to talk about… A VR camp at burning man is even more exciting to talk about ;).

    Do you think you’d be interested to do a podcast with Shannon? He’s a great guy to talk to and has been heavily involved in the VR community as well…

    here’s a link:

  8. Hi there,

    I really liked your site and listed it at
    Can you please link back : Best VR Sites or post our site in social media?

    I would really appreciate it!

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    This is my first 360VR Video
    I Need your professional advice
    I gonna make a 360VR web series

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    dongcheol(south korea)

  10. Tom Furness Nov 22, 2015


    Great job on my interview. Just a correction is needed….when you say ‘Macrovision’, it should read ‘Microvision’ This is a fantastic service that you are providing to our community.

    Thanks, Tom

  11. Hi Kent,

    My name is Kevin and I make a daily 360 video as a way of learning more about the medium. I’d love to go on your podcast sometime. Let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in.


  12. Hope you are doing well.

    My name is Brett Kwan and I am a producer for TRT World, an international news network based in Istanbul.

    I work on our flagship program called “The Newsmakers” which focuses on the most pertinent issues of the day.

    I am wondering if you might be available for an interview on Monday March 28 at 15 GMT to talk about whether virtual reality is going to change the way we see the world.

    We would be able to arrange transportation to and from A studio most convenient for you.

    Please let me know if we can work something out.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  13. Kent,
    Tom Furness mentioned that he talked to you at IEEE-VR about your podcast and working with the Virtual World Society in exploring new and exciting subjects in virtual worlds. Can you email me to start our conversation about this. I am working with Tom as the Executive Director of VWS and am excited about working together.

  14. Elhosain Apr 17, 2016


    First of all, I’d like to thank you for this podcast initiative, I find it really interesting and informative. Among others, one of the topic related to vr that I think is really interesting and would be key in the following years, is the haptic feedback. I was wandering if it would be possible to invite someone related to this area. More specifically, I was thinking of Tom Carter, the founder of ultrahaptics, which is working on a technology providing haptic feedback based on sound waves. They have a very nice demo using their technology linked to leap motion.
    I hope you will have the opportunity to invite him and Thanks again for your show.

    Kind regards,

  15. Kaitlin Apr 30, 2016

    Hi there -

    I am curious to know how you select guests for your podcast.

    I work with a virtual reality technology provider that is using their proprietary software to help retailers and CPGs like Walgreen’s, Samsung, Smucker’s and KraftHeinz ideate, evaluate and activate new concepts.

    I think they would be a perfect fit for Voices of VR. If you’re interested, what’s the best way to share more?



  16. May Zhong Jun 3, 2016

    Dear Sir and Madam

    This is May from Dovina ,i saw your web is about 3D item.
    Do you interest of VR Box ?
    We are china factory product VR Box with low price,good quality
    OEM is support
    If you interest ,pls contact me.

  17. Hi Kent. Would love to have a chat. We are doing some very exciting stuff with both volumetric human capture & photogrammetry to VR pipelines. Done scenes from 1920s projection rooms to large cathedrals. We put together a ‘worlds first’ volumetric VR / photogrammetry music video a few months back for example.

    What makes us quite different is the LOD we are enthusing on our capture scenes in addition to the extrapulation of the core elements of objects oh and at rapid progression.. For instances, our 1920′s theatre space, you can get down to the granular level, fibers in the carpet, the signatures on a scribbled note. All captured and produced for content delivery in less than 48 hours. It’s really beautiful to experience first hand.

    The way I got into it itself is also very personal, and all started from a drive to preserve. Any how, could rant and rave. Go check out our facebook page, it’s just brawling with content. We’ve certainly hit the upstart as well. The likes of Shanda, Epic Games etc knocking down the door.

    Very keen to chat.

  18. Salvador Cantellano Jun 8, 2016

    Keep up the good work. I am really excited about finding this podcast. Thank you

  19. Mark Steven Jun 22, 2016

    I really love the podcast.

    I changed my podcast app to Google play music podcast (which come preinstalled in most Android phones). However I couldn’t find this podcast there. Are there anyway to get it listed?

  20. My name is Shawn Nelson and I am booking interviews for Alberto Torres CEO of Atheer the makers of the AiR Augmented Reality System. We would love to speak with you at Siggraph about AR and give you a personal demo of our latest tech. We will be there on the 27th in the press lounge and look forward to seeing you.

    Please email me back and I will happily schedule some time to chat
    Atheer PR


  21. Petra Gates Jul 27, 2016

    Dear Kent-
    Dear, dear Kent; you are a treasure!
    We are incredibly lucky to have you so deeply thinking and questioning in this era of shifting realities.

    As a person who has followed this contemporary rise of VR/AR/MR on a daily basis since John Carmack showcased the proto-Rift, I can not describe the depth of my gratitude to you for being doggedly inquisitive, for unceasingly diving deep into this unknown frontier of humanity’s obsession with self expression & curiosity.

    And the breath of your inclusiveness takes my breath away. As a person who identifies outside the gender binary, and has long felt a strong solidarity with the struggle of people outside the insider’s club of white, straight, moneyed, and cisgendered male privilege, I celebrate you as someone who greets others with open eyes and a welcoming, collaborative, heart; even now, this feels like a sadly rare gem.

    My consuming interest in all of this has finally prompted me to attempt the ascent, the submersion, the expansion & contraction required to learn the necessary skills for content creation. The interviews you have conducted, especially those with the pioneers and visionaries in this newly accessible art, have inspired me to imagine, to dream what might be possible, what might be fashioned into some sliver of the ultimate potential of virtual reality.

    And for that, I thank you from the very bottom of my heart.
    Petra Gates

  22. Your candid summary of connect3 was awesome, Kent, thank you!
    This level of authenticity in journalism (without bashing them or being a hater) is refreshing. Let’s hope Facebook listens carefully to the concerns you had the courage to share.

  23. Greg Farina Oct 21, 2016


    My name is Greg Farina, I am a co-founder of VectorspaceVR, a virtual reality startup in Portland, OR.
    We specialize in large scale, multi-user virtual reality entertainment, using high-end backpack PC’s and
    the Oculus Rift.
    I am writing to invite you to an exhibition on Friday, 10/28 12 – 3pm, where we will be demoing our latest
    content, ScreamVR, an all VR haunted house.
    Please let me know if this would be something that you might be interested in covering.


    Greg Farina

  24. Hello Kent, i’m Carlos Vasquez, VR/AR entrepreneur based in Irvine, California.
    Would like to invite you to try our virtual online presentations platform VRAVO! (, I really think it could be very useful for your shows, and makes total sense doing a live show about VR actually IN a VR environment.

    Please let me know if you would be interested on trying it out.

  25. What a brilliant reporting, inspiring choice of topics, impartiality and a great analysis, Voices of VR is my essential podcast. Big thank you for an excellent work!

  26. Appreciate the depth of your podcast. It is rich with information. I often listen to each episode 3 or 4 times because there is so much to take in. I appreciate the journalistic style and the quality of the content that you explore. I always learn so much.
    Thank you

  27. I’m producing the new and exciting Cinequest Virtual Reality experience for the Cinequest Film & VR Festival, occurring Feb. 28 – Mar. 12. Cinequest was recently named Best Film Festival by USA Today Readers and our home is the Silicon Valley, the epicenter of Virtual Reality, so it’s natural we play a leading role. We are producing several great programs including VR Audience Programs, VR Awards, Content Workshops and Forums, and an exciting VR Canteen for audiences, innovators and artists to connect and to enjoy thrilling new VR Arcade and Game experiences.

    I’d love to explore a couple ways we could get Voices of VR involved this year. Can I send you a brief overview and we look to have a 15-20 minute conversation with the team or the appropriate person? Looking forward to hearing from you and hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


  28. Hi Kent,

    I love your podcast and the content you have been producing. I believe that virtual reality has the potential to be the next communications platform. But in order for VR to truly take off as a communication platform, every person needs an avatar that represents them in VR. Avatars are going to form the foundation of our identities in the virtual worlds. I have heard you covering different social aspects of VR and that’s also what we are working on. Might be interesting to talk about the future of social VR and our identity. We are bringing real people into VR and games. We’ll be at GDC 17 in case you are interested to meet and talk.



  29. Hey here’s one of my recent blogs. Would you guys be interested in an Interview. We’re doing some pretty mind blowing stuff with 3.5D capture and environmental photogrammetry.

  30. Hey Kent,
    I love the show, and this episode was particularly great. I have one plead though: please use dehisser filter. I listen all casts on headphones and even though they are good quality I still have to listen it on low volume because some frequencies are too loud.
    Thanks and keep up the good work

  31. quick note to say thank you for your podcast- I’m a painter new to VR- and have found it thought provoking, and extremely helpful to be more conscious of what I’m making and why.

  32. Dear Editors

    I am a VAQSO VR Company PR manager.
    I will go to SVVR end of this month
    Please press us booth and I will send you Press Release
    Please show me your company mail address.
    Good day FUMIO

  33. Hi Kent, great show! I’m Head of Marketing at Strata and we’re set to release our app Strata Design VR next week. I think you’ll find it an interesting concept and if you’re looking for future guests, I would love to help.

    Strata has been in the 3D Design software game for over 20 years and used by designers, studios (like the makers of the PC game Myst), and Fortune 500 companies to bring their projects to life.

  34. Dale Long Mar 24, 2017

    Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology is always looking to feature interesting alumni in its popular alumni magazine. I think your Voices of VR podcasts and interviews with the leading voices in VR are fascinating, and something that fellow RHIT alumni would like to know about — attracting even more people to your website. So, I would like to get together with you soon to discuss the possible of featuring all your hard work in a story for the upcoming Spring Echoes issue. My email is — Dale Long, executive editor, Echoes, RHIT. I hope to hear from you soon!

  35. My name is Daniel Fraga; I saw your Kent Bye’s keynote at SVVR, and I was thrilled, because tremendously relevant issues were addressed there, in my view. I am writing to introduce myself and to state my openness in any sort of collaboration with Voices of VR.

    I am an Architect by training, and I’ve been mainly interested in the idea of Ontological Design and Post Architecture, which is the idea that it is possible to design people by means of designing their interactions with their environments.

    Post-Architecture is the craft of designing your surroundings with the intent of defining yourself as an individual – creating your habits, your likes and dislikes, your language, your subjective whims, all the way to your sense of self, of your ontology. It’s not about designing space; it’s about designing people through space. Post Architecture is the Architecture of personal meaning. And Virtual Reality, along with MR and AR are the perfect media to achieve this end.

    By means of the reciprocity that inherently exists between Humans and their environments (in a broad sense of the term), by designing the objects, artifacts and experiences in the environment, then we are effectively designing the person itself. Therefore, it is possible to craft and design human environments with such dexterity so as to cause specific nudges in the person’s core ontology. There are methodologies that can be employed by creative professionals as well as by inidividuals alike in order to produce such ends, which I have researched and continue to research in this moment. There is much fertility in these hybrid fields. What this ultimately amounts to is that the individual will have the possibility to regard itself, its own entity, as both the artist and the work of art. And the most fantastic thing is that the methods to craft personality as gesamtkunstwerk will be systematized and democratized.

    I have a great fascination with the idea that reality is contingent on perception. Our “reality tunnel”, like Robert Anton Wilson described, is of our own making. We see the world not as it is, but as WE are. And I believe Post-Architecture will be the creative practice of deploying frames of reality that are ontologically disruptive. Just like when a child believes a man in a mask to really be a monster; when a filmmaker creates a compelling story, or when a shaman sees a white bird and reads a synchronistic omen in it – these people allocate belief from one frame of reference to another. True, honest to god belief in another reality. Their hearts go through a shift in grounding; they leave the plane of conventional frames of reality and bring about a heterotopia; a wormhole in a meaning map. This flexibility and agility in belief and identity is the hallmark of our generation. This is fundamentally metamodern.

    So in essence I consider myself a Speculative Craftsman of Personalities, a Mythographer, a Creative Ontologist or a Techno Shaman – a person who sees reality as malleable and fluid. I’m certain that this is a fundamental realization for operating in the digital era. An era where there is a great war occuring in the psychosphere; a war for our belief. In these new wars – wars of memes and of information and of weaponized ideas – the creative professionals will be of great importance.

    Thank you for your time. I am willing to answer any questions and open to collaborating with you in any way. I believe there is a new reality in the world in need of being formulated for the sake of us all – a new understanding of our place in it. Below are links for some of my articles and my work, in case you are interested.

    I wish you a good day,
    Best Regards

  36. Haylee LaBell May 10, 2017


    My name is Haylee and I am the Marketing Specialist at Rising Media, Inc. I am reaching out to you today regarding a new event that we are launching this September in Las Vegas, the Future of Immersive Leisure (FOIL). The event focuses on VR/AR and 4D in location-based and OOO entertainment (think amusement parks, arcades, movie theaters, etc.)

    You can check out our site here:

    I wanted to see if you would be interested in setting up a cross-promotional partnership. Let me know if you’re interested!


  37. Ignatius Tremere May 25, 2017

    Hello Hello Hello,

    I love the work that you do.

    Today is May 25th, 2017 for me. And I am listening to episode 521. At the 1:54 mark you say that this keynote speech was done on May 30th, 2017.

    Am I behind or are you way into the future?

  38. WIGGIN May 26, 2017

    This podcast is on fire. I’m a product/transportation designer and used tilt-brush for the first time a few weeks ago…building 3D prototypes of furniture in minutes-as opposed to days means that this medium has already, in this initial generation, revolutionized my work.
    After my tilt-brush revelation, I searched for resources on VR online, and found you Ken. I am devouring your interviews now. I like your interview style and tone-it reminds me a bit of KQED public radio…everything about the podcast is great-I like that you question people about privacy, and I’m alarmed by the consistently murky answers they give.

  39. Hi Kent –

    We’ve met at Svvr, I showed you our 3D mapping platform as sen at

    We are relaunching June 1 as WRLD, and will be at AWE. Signed a big partnership with IBM, and also coming out of beta with Unity sdk.

    Any chance we could get together to do an episode? Happy to give a few more details if interested in digging in more first.

  40. Hey Kent,

    I am a big fan of your podcast and the founder of Threesixty, a VR agency based in London that is helping companies create product based on user needs.

    As part of this mission, we’re also doing events to get people familiar with VR and understand that the potential of VR is really relevant if we manage to create products that can help people do, learn, experience things better.

    I was wondering if you’d be interested into being one of the speakers. The event is casual and non-profit and the talks are 15min long.

    It’d be great to have you as one of the speakers as I think you have a rich overview of the patterns and trends that could be critical in the upcoming years.

    I confess that I don’t know where you’re based. But this could be done also with a video if not possible in person.

    Thanks for your time!

  41. Hi Kent – I want to support you because I learn from and enjoy your podcast a great deal, but Patreon doesn’t have an annual plan or one-time plan and wants to take 30% as a processing fee. Do you have any other options for support.

  42. Jake Donaldson Aug 2, 2017

    Hi Kent,

    I’m a VR fanatic and evangelist from Sydney, Australia. I currently work in television, but aspiring to one day work in the VR industry, and more specifically the VR music industry.

    Firstly, I just want to say I’ve been listening to your podcast for a while now and I’m a huge fan! I really appreciate that you’ve taken the time to gift the VR industry with such awesome insights.

    My reason for messaging; I’m currently in the process of writing a blog post for a VR course that I’m studying, concerning how VR will evolve the music industry (and conversely, how music will evolve the VR industry), and I was wondering if I could get a quick statement from you for use in the article.

    What I’m looking for is a response to the following: ‘Do you think music in VR (think live music performances) will be huge in the future? If so, why?’

    Any response you could give would be more than appreciated, even if it’s just a sentence or two.

    Just reiterating, seriously loving your work (And I can’t wait for the release of your book!)

    Appreciate your time,


  43. Loved your interview on ANYLAND, I am a long time anylandian with about 700hrs building and social experience and what was said was spot on regarding the community.

    Havnt had a chance to meet up with Spethanie, could be interesting as I am a professional graphic designer myself and have created various worlds over the past 11 months. CAFE 80′s – Winterland – Hypercub3 and various more.

    The biggest mystery of Anyland is why it isnt HUGE online already!

  44. Alexander Sirazh Sep 12, 2017

    Thank you for your great work, Kent!
    A couple of suggestions:
    1. As mentioned below, it might be helpful to add a Patreon button on the front page of this website (something similar to the red subscribe buttons).
    2. The Patreon link with your picture on this “about” page here has rather poor visibility, I think (at least to me – I completely glossed over it when looking for a Patreon link). I’d imagine it would be better to have a button similar to the subscribe buttons.
    Thanks again and keep it up! I’m sure we really are on the cusp of great things in the VR space.

  45. Hi Kent. I have been looking forward to your book (if you ever get the time to finish it) for quite some time. seems to be off the net now. Are there any further plans to release the work?

  46. Hi , I’m Adrian of LeanGP, I would like you to send me an email where to send a press release regarding our project, you can visit our web

    Thanks greetings

  47. Jan Duszynski Sep 28, 2017

    is there any way to contact you? I’m a composer from Poland and I’ll be working on Vr Opera and I’d love to aks you some questions.
    And btw I’m a huge fan (and patreons suporter:) of your podcasts. They’re simply amazing.
    thanks a lot in advance!

  48. Hello Kent,

    My name is Frank, I’m part of a VR game studio, Mythical City Games. We are launching a new vertical mega city building VR game called Skytropolis and we thought you would enjoy it. If you are interested you can visit the website at where you can sign up for updates and demo info.

    Our press kit is here There you will be able to view our teaser trailer, screenshots, and other info.

    Feel free to email me with more questions.

    Thank you,

  49. Greeting Kent,
    In a recent podcast of yours you asked what it might be like for a society when individuals therein easily and frequently enter the flow state. The open source project I coordinate has been doing just. The flow state is described as part of the makeup of the society we have designed, and it is detailed (in part) in the Lifestyle System specification (the concept of operation of the lifestyle of those living in the proposed society) . The societal specifications are available on the /Specs page. There is also a VR video on the /specs page. In the next several years we will be using VR to give people the experience of the type of society we have designed and are proposing.

  50. You have a typo in your #619 description. In the below sentence I believe you are missing a word after significantly.

    Their glove uses a combination of exoskeletal force feedback with their patented microfluidic technology, and they’ve significantly the size of their external box driving the experience from the demo that I saw at GDC (back when they were named AxonVR) thanks to a number of technological upgrades and ditching the temperature feedback.

  51. Hello Kent,

    this is Gilles Jobin from VR_I that you saw at Sundance. I wanted to send you for your info our tour dates for VR_I (we have many), do yo have an email I can send them to?

    All the best


  52. David Apr 7, 2018

    I love the podcast and I have been listening it for over a year, but I have problem with it that the sound really hurts my ears, no matter which headphones I use. Pocket casts does not have equalizer so I cannot turn down high frequencies so can you please run dehisser filter before publishing as all S and Z sounds really stand out. Thanks

  53. For listeners of your podcast, Middle Tennessee State University near Nashville is hosting a two-day Immersive Storytelling Conference in September.

    You can find more details, including how to submit a proposal and the topics of discussion, at

    Thank you!

  54. Hiya, I’d really lvoe to subscribe to your podcast at iTunes but unfortunately (and unlike the numerous other podcasts I subscribe to) I’m getting the following error when trying to update the podcast or download episodes …

    There was a problem downloading “…”.
    An unknown error occurred (0×80090326).
    Please check that the URL is correct and the connection to the
    network is active and try again.

    This has been consistently happening ever since I first tried to subscribe a few weeks ago. I’m subscribing using iTunes on PC in the UK.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance … Alec

  55. Been listening to your podcast for a while and hoping to share with you a bit about my company DeepSee and our work on varifocal vr. We see the key to the broader market different than most, we see it as a physics challenge and where we came up with our technology.

  56. Hello Kent,

    My name is Walid, I am the Business Developer of Dermandar, a start-up specialized in “Digital Image Technology” and leader in the field of 360 VR Technologies.

    After the great success of our app “DMD Panorama” that allows you to create seamless cylindrical panoramas in few seconds (10M downloads so far) and “theVRkit” app for (8K) 360° Photospheres capturing, we are happy to announce the near launching of our flagship mobile app “360Visit” dedicated for Virtual Tours.

    “360Visit” relies on a straightforward creation process. It takes only a few steps to create sharp high resolution (8K) Virtual Tours navigable in all directions.

    Here is a video that shows “360Visit” in action:

    The app also works in handheld mode (without the rotator), even the fisheye lens is optional. You can get a very good quality as far as you focus on the precision of your movement. For excellent results, we strongly recommend that you use our rotator. the rotator and fisheye lenses (160 and 180 degrees) are available on our website (

    A beta version of “360Visit” is ready for testing on iOS. Please let me know if you would like to try it.

    Feel free to contact me if you want to know more. I’d love to answer your questions.

    Walid Turkieh

    Business Developer

    DerManDar Corp

    Tel/whatsapp: +961 76372373

    Skype: wturkieh

    If you don’t want to receive our emails, please feel free to send us an email with the subject “Unsubscribe”. We will be committed not to communicate with you anymore.

  57. Ken,

    We are a consulting firm focused on Asia. We have been helping Wikitude expand into China and other parts of Asia. I’ve got some feedback on your China episodes and other content ideas for you if you are interested. I’m also following you on Twitter.



  58. Kent Bye is one of the best champions of the VR community and my favourite source of information in the latest and greatest XR tech!

    His experience anything AR, VR or other is evidently vast and the way he engages with his subjects is brilliant, he always asks the best questions and isn’t afraid to share his perspective.
    All together a great Podcast and a great spokesmen for VR.
    Keep doing what you do best Kent.
    Appreciate ya!

  59. Heya Kent! I’m a long time listener and VR developer. I used to work on SceneVR, and was a contributor to A-Frame.

    I’ve been working on a new VR project cryptovoxels for about 3 months now. It’s a WebVR virtual world where the land is owned by people on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s written in babylon.js, which has fantastic webVR support. I’m supporting the rift, vive, oculus go and gear vr at the moment.

    I was wondering if my Cryptovoxels / A-Frame / WebVR experience might be an interesting topic for a VoicesOfVR podcast? :)

  60. Hi Kent,

    I have been listening to your podcast for years now and am a Patreon supporter. I am teaching a class entitled “Designing Immersive Experiences” and am looking for the best book to introduce students to key concepts and terminology in Virtual Reality (and other immersive mediums as well). Do you have any favorites or suggestions? Many thanks,


  61. Hi there,

    I’m Guilhem, CEO of, a simple way to share 360 photos.
    I don’t know if you cover 360 photography and 360 media players, but if you do maybe our app can be interesting for a mention on your blog or podcast.

    Panoraven is free for personal use and is as of today the easiest way to share 360 photos since it does not require to create an account to use the service.

    Let me know what you think!

  62. Amazing show and I really appreciate your hard work. I am beginning to become more interested in VR from an artists perspective. Are there any resources you could suggest to make my search easier? Thanks for your time.

    -John Armanini

  63. Hi -

    I am the teen services librarian at the Albany Library.

    I’m wondering if any of your Meetup members would be interested in presenting VR events here. We can pay!



  64. Hi
    Just caught your interview clip:)

    Did you get a magic leap yet? I think your last comment is spot on.


  65. Gary Morin Dec 4, 2018

    Are your podcasts captioned or do you post a transcript – for accessibility of persons who are Deaf or hard-of-hearing?

  66. Andres R Feb 16, 2019

    Hi Kent,
    I enjoy your show first of all. I was wondering if you were tracking these Magic Leap Independent Creator Grants, they were supposed to be all completely announced by Feb 15th but all I see on twitter and facebook VR groups are people waiting to see if they got anything. Ive asked all the people I know privately if they know anyone who has received the grant and no one has heard about anyone even being emailed about consideration. Although, since I’m an independent creator and new to VR I dont know that many but I know a few from conferences. Anyways, thanks again for the cast. Have a nice weekend.
    Andres Rivero

  67. Hi Kent, Hey, before you go dropping a bunch of acid or encouraging others to do the same, please look up the story of the poor bastard Sid Barrett of the original Pink Floyd. He got involved with the spiritual side of psychedelics and turned his brain to a fried sack of crispy meat. It doesn’t take long. This stuff is powerful, Kent. He became so brain dead, the band had to fire him. Truly tragic story. He had everything. Please take care of yourself and your listeners? Don’t believe everything you hear even if it sounds good. Love the podcast.