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A Guide to the VR Industry

Crafting a useful framework for an industry as wildly diverse and constantly shifting as XR is challenging. However, an emerging tech industry which hews so closely to the multiplicity of human experience requires a working taxonomy to document it and serve as a guide to people new to the landscape.

A Working Map in Progress

Kent Bye has interviewed hundreds of people across the XR industry using the categories below to map the terrain. He gave a talk at SXSW in February of 2023 explaining his perspective. It is a perfect problem that can never be fully resolved and certainly not by any single person. Feedback and challenges are welcomed. It is offered as a springboard for conversation, rather than an end to it.

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12 Parent Categories

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Entertainment is by far the largest category, tracking everything from games and 360 videos to live performance

Community is the second largest category at the moment with 9 subcategories and 162 episodes devoted to the subject.

Ideas is quite a large category reflecting an emerging industry backed by supporters who are dreaming big.

Identity & Self is one of the larger categories, and covers topics ranging from avatars to privacy.

Place & Home is a robust and growing category featuring creators interrogating what it means to put down roots in virtual spaces

Economy covers topics from surveillance capitalism to the gift economy.

Education & Communication is a still fledgling category that has lots of room to expand as creators develop more tools that can only be used through XR

Accessibility is a growing category for Voices of VR featuring creators who are driving XR technology forward for all through the need to adapt for unique use case standards

Medicine is a small but vital category, populated by creators forging surprising and sometimes miraculous approaches to age old problems

Partners & Enemies is another small but mighty category reflecting some of the most intimate and, conversely, problematic human experiences

Enterprise is a slimmer category at the moment with only one subcategory