#84: Bilago on Riftmax Theater & 4D, interactive social experiences

Bilago is one of the developers of Riftmax Theater, which is a 4D, interactive social experience. What started as a way to watch YouTube videos in a theater environment has turned into what was voted to be the Best Social VR experience by the Proto Awards.

bilagoRiftmax hosts events like Gunter’s Virtually Incorrect talk show and has a regular karaoke night. The longest length of time that I’ve spent in virtual reality was 2 1/2 hours while being a guest on Virtually Incorrect. The fact that there were other real human beings there in that virtual space made it one of the most powerful VR experiences that I’ve had to date, and a testament to why Facebook acquired Oculus VR to do even more social experiences. I don’t think it’s an understatement when Mark Zuckerberg says that “Oculus has the chance to create the most social platform ever, and change the way we work, play and communicate.” Riftmax Theater is one of the applications that is on the leading edge of proving this out. My body has a memory of having a conversation with these avatars as if we were sitting on a theater stage because there was enough body language with the head tracking and Razer Hydra enabled hand movements.

The developers of Riftmax have started a modest Kickstarter $1 campaign in order to raise as much money as they can to continue development. Development will continue regardless, but they’ve set up a number of stretch goals to do even more features and functionality.

This video of testimonials from VR personalities is a great summary of what type of experiences that Riftmax has been able to provide to the VR community: