#803: Cultivating Architectural Design Intuition with VR & Hacking the Boundaries of Perception

Andreea Ion Cojocaru is one of the few architects who is designing both virtual experiences as well as real buildings with Numena VR. I first met her in Germany during VR Now in November where I talked to her about her award-winning experiments in immersive architecture, and I had a chance to catch up with her at the end of the day of the Symposium of the Architecture for the Immersive Internet.

I talk with Cojocaru about her impressions of her experience of debating with the faculty of the Architectural Association about the merits of immersive technologies to explore spatial design, and some of the hesitations around what’s missing in virtual representations of architectural objects. She emphasizes the need for architects to produce more examples of immersive architecture in order to explore the deeper dynamics of the fundamental principles of spatial design, and the phenomenological primitives that are consistent between the virtual and the real. We also talk about some of the sociological biases of the practice of architecture, and how immersive technologies can elucidate and start to shift certain cultural practices around architectural representations.

Finally, the last half of this epic conversation focuses on some of the perceptual hacks that Cojocaru has been experimenting with as a sort of adrenaline junkie form of stretching the boundaries of her sensory perception. She talks about what it’s like to put virtual cameras on her feet as well as adding additional virtual cameras that allows her to see an object from multiple perspectives at the same time as she moves her body through space. She’s looking for other people who are also interested exploring the boundaries of virtual world perception, and so you can reach out to her via social media for more information about her various explorations.


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Music: Fatality