Space Popular is a multidisciplinary design and research practice led by Lara Lesmes & Fredrik Hellberg, and they’ve been architecture students for the last eight years about spatial design as well as the latest immersive technologies. They’ve been teaching a design unit for the tools for architecture at the Architectural Association in London, and this past March they gathered a number of different architectural students and practitioners for a Symposium on the Architecture for the Immersive Internet.

They flew me to London so that I could participate in this day-long symposium a the Architectural Association, and then I had a chance to debrief them on the gathering, and have them share their insights as to how immersive technologies are shifting the educational landscape for architecture students. They talk about the unique aspects of an interdisciplinary education about spatial design, the future of dynamic architecture, and how real-time game engines are the latest in a long continuation of technologies that have been advancing the art of architectural representation. Also, once the quantified constraints of physical architecture is removed within virtual architecture, then there’s a renewed focus on the fundamentals of meaning, symbolism, & aesthetics within spatial design.

This podcast is the first of a series of seven episodes diving into the future of immersive architecture in a series that totals over seven hours of content looking at how immersive technologies are reshaping the art and science of spatial design.


Here’s the entire 8-hour livestream of the symposium:

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Music: Fatality

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