Aaron Davies is the Head of Developer Relations at Oculus VR, and he talks about how the interest in VR development has exploded since the Facebook acquisition. He discusses some of the applications that in development ranging from VR surgery training, education, film & media, enterprise apps, data visualization, telepresence, social apps to virtual reading experiences and comic books in VR.

aaron_headshotAaron also shares his initial experiences with the Rift and his reactions to simulator sickness. He also talks about one of the most compelling experiences he’s had in VR within the Minecrift mod with some of his co-workers at Oculus.

He also talks about what type of resources will change in terms of what can be provided to independent developers since the Facebook acquisition, and what other types of issues that Facebook will be helping Oculus solve.

Finally, he talks about the importance of the community at this early stage of exploring the VR medium, and what he sees as the ultimate potential of VR and what the Metaverse can provide.

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  • 0:00 – Intro & how the VR development community is branching out beyond gaming since the Facebook acquisition
  • 0:50 – What will change in terms of what types of resources can be provided by Oculus VR for independent VR developers + what specific competencies that the Facebook acquisition will provide to the Oculus VR team.
  • 2:12 – What industries beyond gaming are doing with VR development for the Oculus Rift including education, academia, history, film & media, and virtual comic books & virtual reading experiences
  • 3:46 – Aaron’s first experiences with the Rift, motion sickness, joining Oculus, and the most compelling experience that he’s had in VR
  • 5:38 – Aaron’s 60-second pitch at SVVRCon & the importance of the VR community
  • 6:33 – The potential of what VR can bring to society & vision of the Metaverse

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