#9: Cymatic Bruce on VR evangelism, most memorable VR experiences from over 500 demos & things to avoid in VR development

Cymatic Bruce Wooden is a VR enthusiast who went from tracking the Oculus Rift project on the Meant to be Scene forums to backing it on Kickstarter on the first day to making a first impression video and other demo videos to starting a weekly livestream to co-founding the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality meetup to eventually landing a full-time VR position at Qualia3D.

cymatic-bruceHe talks about some of his most memorable VR experience, things to avoid in VR development, some of his current and future VR projects, and where he’s like to see VR go in the future.

Cymatic Bruce’s enthusiastic evangelism of virtual reality has inspired many people to get into VR game development. In fact, it was his Top 20 Oculus Rift VR experiences of 2013 that convinced me to jump into getting a Rift.

Congratulations to Cymatic Bruce for chasing your VR dream and landing a full-time VR gig, and may you continue to inspire many more future VR devs with your presence and energy.

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  • 0:00 – Intro & how he first got into virtual reality, participating in Meant To Be Seen forums, supporting Oculus Kickstarter, doing first impression videos, reviewing demos, starting a weekly livestream to getting a full-time VR job.
  • 2:36 – Why did he started reviewing videos and becoming a VR enthusiast
  • 3:49 – Cymatic Bruce’s Top 20 Oculus Rift VR experiences of 2013 being an inspiration & Titans of Space being #4
  • 5:10 – What VR experiences have stuck out after doing 500 demos: Shadow Projection, Spectre, Minecrift Mod, & Crashland
  • 6:28 – Things to avoid when doing VR development & what to include more of
  • 7:53 – Intention behind Cymatic Bruce’s Hitbox livestream show & future plans
  • 9:21 – Some of Cymatic Bruce’s development projects
  • 10:13 – Getting a full-time VR position at Qualia3D
  • 11:09 – Vision for VR and what he’s like to see happen in the VR community & Ready Player One

Theme music: “Fatality” by Tigoolio