#1175: Highlights of Existing Law & Extended Reality Symposium at Stanford Law’s Cyberpolicy Center with Organizer Brittan Heller

There was an Existing Law and Extended Reality: A Research Symposium held at Stanford Law School on Friday, January 6th, 2023, that brought together legal scholars, industry experts, civil society researchers, and academics to look at how immersive technologies and virtual worlds may bring about new interpretations of existing laws or the need to write new laws that better cover harms from the “Metaverse.” I had a chance to talk with organizer Brittan Heller, who has previously been featured in Voices of VR podcast episodes #789 & #988. We cover the major highlights from the Symposium in this episode, and you can find all of the talks in this YouTube playlist here.

I was invited to give a lightening talk on the “Philosophical Reflections on Privacy from an XR Journalist,” which lays out an argument for how there aren’t any privacy existing protections that cover the types of physiological or biometric data from XR or the Neuro-Rights types of inferences that could made from that data. This episode is the first in a 10-episode series digging into the landscape of XR privacy, what’s happening on the US front, what’s happening in the European Union, and what’s happening in terms of moral philosophy and ethics to start to address some of these potential gaps. Stay tuned as we do a deep dive into what’s happening at the frontiers of XR privacy.

UPDATE March 9, 2023: Here are all 10 of the episodes in this series

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