#1176: XR Privacy Landscape & Data Flows with Future of Privacy Forum’s Jameson Spivack

I interview Jameson Spivack, who is a senior policy analyst at the Future of Privacy Forum leading their work on Immersive [XR] Technologies of VR/AR/MR, neurotech, BCIs, biometrics, ad practices, and regulatory frameworks. We talk about how there are gaps in existing privacy frameworks here in the United States, and the work that he’s doing to help educate consumers, and technology companies of the current policy debates. The Future of Privacy Forum isn’t advocating for any specific legislation, but sits as an intermediary between technology companies like Meta who are funders, and the rest of civil society and academics keeping tabs on privacy discussions. They end up doing lots of consumer education efforts like this infographic that maps out XR technology data flows, and blog posts that elaborate on XR functions and various privacy and data protection risks and mitigation strategies.

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