The new business models of the Metaverse have yet to be fully forged? Will the existing structures of surveillance capitalism be extended into the new frontiers of biometric & physiological data? Or will there be new emergent & disruptive models for value exchange. Seedbolt Studios‘ Mike Middleton finds the rules of finance and business to be like a game where it helps him make sense of the motivations of the Big Tech companies who are driving so many aspects of our digital future. He was the lead author on the white paper on Business, Finance, & Economics as a part of the IEEE Global Initiative on the Ethics of Extended Reality.

This paper is split into two parts with the first section covering Business and Industry Models, Governance and Structures with subsections on ways to shape and influence Industry Behavior via Business Governance and Operations, Customer Actions, and Consumer Advocacy Groups. The second part covers the shifting dynamics of the Economy, Financial Services, Banking, & Cryptocurrency. The paper spans an impressive amount of ground on these different areas, and helped me to better understand other vectors of influence for helping to shape the values of major tech companies through the successful efforts like the Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) movement in the Financial Services industry.


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