The next series in the IEEE XR Ethics series is deconstructing the paper title “Who Owns Our Second Lives: Virtual Clones and the Right to Your Identity” featuring the lead author Thommy Eriksson – Researcher and Teacher Chalmers University in Sweden) and contributor Mathana (a Berlin-based Tech Ethicist and Interplanetary Philosopher, & Executive Committee Vice Chair of the IEEE Global Initiative on the Ethics of Extended Reality).

This essence of this paper is exploring the thought experiment where “the risk is that everyone will be able to (virtually) do anything to anyone.” Who owns your digital identity? And what rights do you have around your image and likeness being recreated within the context of 3D spaces. It also explores the philosophical discussions around identity, the relational and contextual nature of identity, the limits of AI in trying to model our identities, and the corruption of memories via digital reconstructions.

We also explore the full spectrum of digital representation that spans the utterly mundane to speculative, science fiction future. On one end of this spectrum is Still Image & Video Recording, and then starts adding more layers of representation until it gets truly uncanny: Avatar (3D Model), Avatar with Replication of Behavior of Motion Patterns, Avatar with Full-Human Interaction, and Actually Self-Aware Virtual Clone. Of course the more far-term variations are still in the real of sci-fi potential, but it’s a thought experiment that opens the mind to many potentials and possibilities that may need to be design for.


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