#436: Providing Wide-Area Tracking for VR Arcades with OptiTrack

Brian-NillesOptiTrack premiered a new demo at GDC that shows the extent of their tracking technology precision. They put passive tracking markers on a basketball and football that allowed people to go toss a ball back and forth to each other in VR. I had a chance to catch up with OptiTrack’s Chief Strategy Officer Brian Nilles at SIGGRAPH who talked about how OptiTrack is being used as the primary tracking solution within the different VR Arcade solutions including The VOID, VRCade, and Holovis. He also talked about OptiTrack being used for motion and facial capture for AAA studios, and for indoor GPS systems for robots and drones. There are a number of yet-to-be announced VR Arcade solutions out there that are pushing the limits of OptiTrack’s technology, and Brian gives us an idea of what’s possible by saying that he’s seen solutions that use as many as 75 HMDs within a space up to 165ft x 120ft.


Here’s a video of their Basketball demo that premiered at GDC:

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