#1162: Talk on Motion Capture in Immersive Stories + Panel at IDFA DocLab: “Capturing Reality in Motion”

I was invited to give a keynote at the Capturing Reality in Motion session as a part of the ONX + DocLab MoCap Stage. I gave a 20-minute talk reflecting on how some of the different projects on the film festival circuit have been using motion capture technology either in the display, production, and live performance of their piece. [Video of this talk is coming soon]. There was also a 5-minute introduction to this session by Sandra Rodriguez (Creative Director & MIT Open DocLab Fellow), but unfortunately it was not recorded.

The second half of this is a panel discussion moderated by Rodriguez and featuring Avinash Changa (We Make VR), Matthew Niederhauser (Sensorium & ONX Studio), and myself.

This is a listener-supported podcast through the Voices of VR Patreon.

Music: Fatality