Nicole-RelyeaI had the chance to catch up with Nicole Relyea, the community manager & VR evangelist at Jaunt VR at the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference. Jaunt has produced a number of 360-degree video experiences that they were showing on the Google Cardboard, Gear VR and Oculus Rift at SVVRCon, and Nicole talks about some of those experiences and which ones have been the most popular.

One interesting thing that Nicole mentioned is that the release of Google Cardboard actually changed their product timeline planning. They were not expecting a consumer release of VR until the end of 2015 or early 2016, but the proliferation of Google Cardboard as a minimum viable VR headset meant that there is actually a demand for video content that’s available to be served now.

Nicole also talks about the opening of Jaunt Studios and what that will mean for learning more about the language of VR and how to best tell stories within it. She also talks about some of the lessons they’ve learned about the language of VR storytelling, and some of the open problems and challenges that 360-degree video producers will be facing.

One big announcement that Janut had after SVVRCon and after this interview was their Neo digital lightfield camera. This is a radical technological leap from their previous approach of stitching together video spheres from an array of cameras. There isn’t a commercial digital lightfield camera designed specifically for VR that’s on the market yet, and Jaunt VR hopes that Neo will be the first one.

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