#162: Virtual Reality Ventures on the industry sectors that will be most disrupted by immersive technologies

StefanPernar-SVVRStefan Pernar of Virtual Reality Ventures has looked into the industry sectors that he thinks will be the most disrupted by these new immersive technologies. He’s looked through over a thousand peer-reviewed research articles and narrowed the list of industries down to tourism, construction, engineering, data visualization, healthcare, education, retail & fashion, events, real estate & architecture, as well as marketing.

At SVVRCon, Stefan was showing some detailed infographics that provided research into how each of these sectors will be changed by AR and VR, and Virtual Reality Ventures has started the process of prototyping experiences that can provide a proof of concept as they evangelize the power of immersive technologies to business leaders.

Virtual Reality Ventures is focused on creating enterprise-ready VR applications ranging from tourism to fashion to construction workflow and across all the industry sectors. They’ve integrated the Magento e-commerce solution with Unity so that users can eventually use a scanned avatar of themselves so that they can virtually try on different outfits. He sees a large potential for VR being a part of the $2 trillion fashion industry.

Finally, Stefan reflects on how far SVVRCon has come over the last year, some of his future plans, and how he’s really looking forward to some of the healthcare and tourism applications of VR.

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