#163: Hanging out in VR with friends while playing Half-Life 2 in co-op mode with the Synergy mod

patrick-martinOne of the most compelling use cases for Virtual Reality is going to sharing social experiences with your friends and family. Patrick Martin is a developer on the Synergy mod Development Team, which is a popular co-op mod for Half-Life 2 and other Source 2 engine games.

He talks about adding VR support to Synergy, and how it makes the first-person narrative experience of a Half-Life 2 a lot more engaging and interactive when you’re playing it with other friends. There are ways that they can make the gameplay more challenging to the point where it’d be impossible to complete the game alone whether it’s by adding more enemies or making the ones that are there stronger.

I imagine that we’ll start to see more casual games in VR that will be primarily about facilitating social interactions with your friends, but in a way that’s more engaging than other ways of connecting online.

Here’s some instructions for getting VR working with Synergy co-op mod for Half Life 2, and you can find out more information on the SynergyMod website.

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