#161: VR text & data entry with the handheld TREWGrip keyboard

MarkParkerDoing text and data entry into virtual or augmented reality can be a challenge since it’s difficult to see or find the keyboard. It’s an open problem within the VR space, and so people started suggesting to Mark Parker that his handheld TREWGrip keyboard might provide a solution for these immersive technologies.

TREWGrip is a mobile keyboard that places the QWERTY layout of letters onto the opposite side of a handheld, bluetooth device. It also includes a gyroscope so that you could control the movement of a mouse. It was originally created for mobile text entry into a phone or tablet, but the handheld nature of the device has the potential to work of mobile AR or VR applications as well.

Mark was an exhibitor at SVVCon showing on the TREWGrip mobile QWERTY keyboard to the VR community, and we had a change to catch up to talk about some of the features and history of the keyboard. You can purchase a TREWGrip keyboard for $299.

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