#160: Sébastien Kuntz on implementing 3DUI best practices with MiddleVR and comparing IEEE VR conference with consumer VR

Sebastian-KuntzSébastien Kuntz is the founder of MiddleVR, which is a middleware VR solution that integrates the latest VR input controller and tracking technologies into platforms like Unity and Unreal Engine, as well as some of the higher-end VR tracking solutions that are used in academia and industry.

Sébastien was on a couple of panels at IEEE VR talking about open source vs. closed source middleware solutions as well as the future of consumer VR. He sees a future where it’ll be more of a mixed reality with some augmented reality combined with virtual reality. Telepresence will be one of those killer apps that he’s really looking forward to.

He also sees that the projection-based VR solutions aren’t going to go away because they are really compelling for industry to collaborate together on, but that you can keep increasing the resolution fidelity by adding more and more projectors to the system.

One of the things that MiddleVR is doing to differentiate itself from the initiatives from OSVR is start to implements some of the 3D user interface best practices within their solution. They’re have a variety of comfortable locomotion techniques as well as object selection and manipulation that includes an implementation of the HOMER technique. HOMER stands for Hand-centered Object Manipulation Extending Ray-casting technique, and it’s from a 1997 paper from Doug Bowman and others.

Finally, talks about some of the experiences that MiddleVR is creating and some of their future plans.

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