Welcome to the Voices of VR Podcast

I’m in the process of learning everything I can about the principles of what makes an incredible virtual reality experience. It’s the wild west of experimentation for what works and doesn’t work within an immersive 3D VR environment.

This podcast will track a journey of learning by talking with the innovators, thought-leaders and pioneers of the consumer-grade VR games, educational experiences and data visualizations.

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2 comments on “Welcome to the Voices of VR Podcast

  1. Love listening to your show! Have you see VirZOOM? Vr exercise bike controller is pretty cool.

  2. Andrew Maceachern Dec 6, 2015

    Ever since I was 6 I wanted to adventure and explore and fight with swords plus other things that our world doesn’t have. I feel so bored with the simple world we live in. I was injured and can not do anything physical. Needed is a magnetic imagine (MEG) or something close where you do not need anything invasive. To be able to create a world with very different rules then the one we live on and a body that is not my own. So much joy will be unleashed in a Virtual world. If senses fell atleast 85% realistic then who would want to leave

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