#842 XR Ethics: W3C Lead Strategist on the Battle for Safety & Privacy on the Web

Wendy Seltzer is the Lead Strategist and Counsel for the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), and she says that the concerns of privacy and security on the web have been taking up a lot of her time lately. I had a chance to talk to her at Mozilla’s View Source Conference in Amsterdam where she shared some of the highlights from the latest technical plenary (TPAC) meeting for the W3C including threat modeling for privacy and security, blocking third-party trackers, differential privacy, curtailing active and passive fingerprinting, and the diversity of approaches that the different browser vendors are taking to privacy on the web. Seltzer is concerned about how to help make the web a trustworthy platform, and to help explore some of the underlying economic business models by providing new web payments infrastructure. She also says that the immersive web will introduce even more issues to help provide a layer of privacy and security, especially when it comes to ensuring that any payments are going to the intended first-party origin. She also says that the level of privacy invasion with immersive tech could be enormous if they don’t get it right.


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