#80: AJ Campbell on 360 3D Audio with the Free Space Omni-Binaural Microphone & a VRSFX Unity Plug-in

AJ Campbell is the founder of VRSFX, and he got inspired to getting 3D audio for 360-degree virtual reality experiences after seeing Beck’s Hello Again concert experience. He noticed the microphone rig in that experience and decided that he could write software to create a fully 360-degree, binaural experience with the right microphone hardware.

AJ contacted Jeff Anderson of 3DIO Sound and learned that he was working on a Free Space Omni-Binaural Microphone, which he was one of the first people to buy. AJ has been working on a Unity plug-in that would allow you to use the head tracking of the Oculus Rift to be able to cross fade between the four different binaural audio recordings that would be perfect for immersive, binaural audio for 360-degree video productions.

He talks about his low-resolution 4-node, 90-degree resolution approach of fading between four different analog binaural audio feeds. This is much less processor intensive to calculating object-oriented, 3D spherical audio and gives satisfactory results in a lot of different use cases. He’s still playing with the best crossfade to provide a seamless and smooth listening experience when you’re turning your head, but expects to be finished with the Unity plug-in soon. For more information, then be sure to sign up for VRSFX’s e-mail list.

Theme music: “Fatality” by Tigoolio