Sébastien Kuntz is the founder of MiddleVR, which is a middleware solution that allows you to connect to a wide range of consumer and industrial VR peripheral devices. He talks about some of the other VR locomotion and 3DUI features that are included within the MiddleVR Unity integration.

Sébastien was on a couple of different panel discussions at the IEEE VR conference including talking about open source vs closed source solutions in VR, as well as the future of projection-based VR solutions in the consumer market. One interesting point that Sébastien made is that there will always be projection-based environments because you can keep adding projectors to increase the number of pixels and resolution fidelity in these CAVE environments.

Sébastien also makes some interested differentiations between the consumer and academic community. While the consumer VR market is worried about providing solutions to problems right now, the academic IEEE VR community is more focused on looking at the problems that are 5-10 years down the road. But the IEEE VR community is also really focused on asking the right questions, and so it’s more about leaving the conference with more questions and research trajectories than it is necessarily about finding the answers to an immediate problem.

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