#1111: Tribeca XR: Panel on Making a Difference with Immersive Non-Fiction Stories

I moderated a Tribeca Talks Panel discussion on “Making a Difference with Immersive Non-Fiction Stories” that on Sunday, June 12, 2022 where we focused on the structure and forms of immersive storytelling, and then reflected on the challenges and opportunities for creating and distribute immersive stories for social good.

The panel featured the following panelists:

  • Meghna Singh (co-creator of Container) [See Voices of VR Episode #1005 on Container from Venice 2021]. She’s a researcher and visual artist based in South Africa, and visual anthropologist with a focus on migration and immersive arts.
  • Ingrid Kopp, based in South Africa and runs non-profit organization called Electric South across Africa to help develop, produce, and distribute VR & AR.
  • Brenda Longfellow (co-creator of Intravene) Documentary filmmaker out of Toronto, linear filmmaker, interactive doc, working with communities doing co-creation, immersive audio set in an overdose prevention site in Vancouver collaborated with Darkfield and Crackdown
  • Glen Neath (co-creator of Intravene) co-founder of Darkfield who is making binaural audio pieces for shipping containers, & making shows for Darkfield Radio App since the Pandemic
  • Charlie Park (producer of Please, Believe Me), background in sculpture and Film, and has been working for Emblematic Group making VR & AR content since 2017


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