#1006: Preview of London Film Festival Expanded Selection of Immersive Stories with Ulrich Schrauth

The London Film Festival Expanded runs from October 6-17 with a total of 18 pieces of immersive stories and art, with 9 of those pieces available remotely via their LFF Expanse art gallery that is available for free on Viveport (with nine interactive & 360 video experiences), as well as an Oculus Quest App Lab version of LFF Expanse 2021 (featuring five 360 videos), and Mac & PC versions as well.

I had a chance to talk to the XR and immersive programming lead at the British Film Institute and lead curator of the London Film Festival Expanded, Ulrich Schrauth. Schrauth is also the founding curator of the VRHAM! festival in Hamburg, Germany, which was one of the first immersive storytelling festivals to have a virtual exhibition in the Museum of Other Realities in June 2020. We talk about his journey into XR, the process of bringing immersive stories into virtual platforms, latest trends in immersive storytelling from theater and fine arts, and the different site-specific performances that’ll be happening at the London Film Festival Expanded 2021 selection. A selection of 9 experiences are available remotely on “>Viveport LFF Expanse 2021 app now until October 17th.


Here’s the trailer of the 18 experiences that are being featured within the London Film Festival Expanded selection.

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