The Venice VR Expanded portion of the Venice Film Festival opens today, and runs from September 1-19, 2021. I had a chance to talk to the co-creators Liz Rosenthal and Michel Reilhac to get a sneak peak of the 37 immersive storytelling projects with 24 projects in Competition, 11 projects in the Best Of section, 1 project in the Biennale College Cinema VR section, and 1 Special Event Out of Competition.

There are also 34 VRChat worlds that are being featured in a VRChat world gallery, which are accessible via portal doors within a public instance of the Venice VR Expanded 2021 hub world in VRChat. There will be events in the private instance of this world, which you can get access to those events as well as all of the experiences with a 100€ accreditation fee that will get you a download code for the projects that are hosted on a combination of either Viveport and Oculus.

We talk about the evolution of the Venice VR Expanded selection into it’s fifth edition in 2021, as well as some of the other financing opportunities that are made available through their production bridge as well as their special Biennale College Cinema VR program.

I’m looking forward to digging into this year’s selection, as there’s always a lot of amazing innovations in immersive storytelling each and every year.


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