#152: Brian Bullard on the VR community & developing experiences

brian-bullardBrian Bullard is the co-host of the PodVR podcast as well as an independent VR game developer. He’s developed Moto Rider VR and the Oculus Game Jam game called Turret Defender.

He’s known as “Bullardo” online, and he’s an active member of the VR community. He talks about some of the highlights over the past year including the growth of Silicon Valley Virtual Reality community, the PodVR podcast, developing games as an indie dev, and some of the other community events from VR livestreams, VRCasters.com, and hanging out in VR Chat.

Here’s the other topics that we cover in the interview:

  • Starting PodVR podcast with Matt Carrell
  • Livestreaming with VRCasters.com & discussing SVVRCon news
  • Rapid development with the mobile VR game jam
  • Evolution of the Turret Defender development process
  • Learning to how to develop for mobile & the Gear VR
  • Leaning towards doing desktop experiences for Oculus and the Vive
  • Wants to explore more room-scale VR development with 2-handed interactions
  • Convincing an independent game development studio to do VR once there’s a proven market
  • Meeting people face-to-face from the VR social scene
  • Growth of the SVVR community
  • Compelling social VR experiences like developer talks
  • Looking forward to the immersive VR games that come out, and looking forward to building his own games. Film, entertainment and live events.

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