#992: “Immersive Arcade” Retrospective of UK Immersive Storytelling by Digital Catapult in Museum of Other Realities

The second volume of the Immersive Arcade Showcase featuring four immersive stories from the United Kingdom launches today as DLC within the Museum of Other Realities. The theme of the second volume is Memories & Dreams and features Vestige, Limbo, Lucid, & Somnai. This showcase will be running for the next 8 weeks, and iss produced by Digital Catapult in collaboration with Kaleidoscope’s Immersive Production Studio, UK Research & Innovation, and Audience of the Future.

jessica-driscoll2I had a chance to talk with Jessica Driscoll, Head of Immersive Technologies at Digital Catapult, about the first and second showcases as well as more context on this government-funded, digital technology innovation centre, which is “accelerating the adoption of new and emerging technologies to drive regional, national and international growth for UK businesses across the economy.” Their CreativeXR program is a technology accelerator for arts and culture industries, which funds a lot of VR & AR stories, but there are other initiatives at Digital Catapult around IoT, AI, and 5G that has a lot of overlap with the companies working on XR projects. Digital Catapult’s Immersive Arcade program has also produced a timeline of immersive art & story projects from the past 20 years that were produced in the UK.

It’s great to see this type of funding and support from the United Kindgom into the immersive industry, and I definitely have been seeing the impact of the projects that they’re funding as many of them have appeared throughout the film festival circuit since the CreativeXR program started in 2017. This three-volume retrospective series of Immersive Arcade is a great opportunity to see some of the immersive stories that have come out of the UK over the past 5 years within the context of the Musuem of Other Realities, which has created some really impressive immersive installations and transportative worlds to help set the context for each of these pieces.


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