#802: Paper Architecture & Speculative Design of AR in the Graphic Novel “Square Eyes”

Architects Anna Mill & Luke Jones spent eight years creating a graphic novel called Square Eyes that explores the speculative design of augmented reality technologies and interfaces. They see this project as an in-depth paper architecture exploration of a sci-fi future where the digital and real worlds have been seamlessly combined, which allowed them to explore the dynamics of the potential future through the lens of a narrative critical dystopia.

I talked with Mill and Jones at the end of the Symposium on the Architecture for the Immersive Internet where we talked about their inspiration for Square Eyes, why spatial computing interfaces caught their imagination as architects, and how they used the conceit of depicting physical reality in black and white and digital reality in saturated colors. We also talk about some of the other implications of immersive technologies onto the practice of architecture, what type of insights they came away with about the fundamental affordances of AR after their eight-year exploration, and some more information about Jones’ podcast About Buildings & Cities that he produces with George Gingell.


Here’s Anna Mill’s presentation at the Architecture for the Immersive Internet

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