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Interlooped allows you to record real-time, volumetric capture segments of yourself where you layer these loops while interacting with recorded and real-time interactions of other people. It’s a trippy experience that shows the power of real-time embodiment that starts to blur the lines between what’s live and what’s been pre-recorded. Artist Maria Guta collaborated with real-time volumetric capture engine by Imverse that uses commercial off-the-shelf depth sensors to capture a low-fi voxel version of yourself. Guta plays with altering your perspective and blending the virtual and the real in an experience that starts to play with different flavors for how you can remix your witnessing consciousness. I had a chance to talk about and unpack the experience a bit with Guta during one of her brief breaks of performing all week at Sundance New Frontier.


Here’s a video of Shia Laboeuf experiencing Interlooper at Sundance New Frontier.

Here’s a brief artist statement video of Guta produced by Sundance that goes into her artistic explorations of different digital avatar embodiments and character representations of herself.

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