tony-parisi-2018Immersive advertising campaigns on phone-based AR platforms like AR Kit and AR Core are currently subsidizing a lot of development within the larger XR ecosystem of developers. I heard of many AR developers at Magic Leap who were doing phone-based AR contract gigs, and then working on Magic Leap in their spare time. At Greenlight’s VR Strategy Conference I had a chance to talk to Unity’s Head of AR/VR Brand Solutions Tony Parisi, who has been on the frontlines of evangelizing immersive and interactive advertising solutions to design agencies and brands. From what I hear from Parisi as well as from other XR developers, there’s a critical mass of phones that have AR functionality enabled which is generating a lot of excitement and traction with brands who are funding experiments with immersive and interactive storytelling on these new platforms. Parisi updates us as to where Unity is currently at, and what they’re committed to in terms of where the future of spatial computing headed.


Here’s Unity’s Brand and Advertising Sizzle Reel:

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