Miyubi is Felix & Paul Studios’ first scripted narrative piece that is 40 minutes in length, and it transports you to the early 1980s as you embody an imminently obsolete toy robot. Felix & Paul instructed the individual actors to unexpectedly try to disrupt a scene with unscripted behavior in order to preserve he improv quality of their long takes. There is minimal editing within individual scenes in order to cultivate a deeper sense of presence, but it also allows the viewer to pay attention to many different aspects of the unfolding group dynamics. I was struck by how you could watch reaction shots of characters who weren’t directly participating within the primary conversation, and that VR is able to capture the full family constellation and relationships between characters in a way that is completely deconstructed and controlled within the medium of film.

I had a chance to catch up with Felix & Paul Studios co-founders Félix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphaël as well as Chief Content Officer Ryan Horrigan back at Sundance 2017 to talk about their process of directing Miyubi, as well as some of their insights and lessons learned from creating a 40-minute VR narrative.


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