john-bucherJohn Bucher wrote a book titled “Storytelling for Virtual Reality: Methods and Principles for Crafting Immersive Narratives” where he includes interviews with dozens of VR experience designers and the major insights into immersive storytelling. Bucher is also receiving a Ph.D. in depth psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, and so he has a very historical and mythological perspective about how VR can help us go inward, reflect upon our lives, and to find deeper understanding and meaning about ourselves. I talked with Bucher at the SIGGRAPH conference in August about the influence of immersive theater on VR storytelling, historical insights into ritual cultures and oral storytelling traditions, James Hillman’s insights into the transformational potential of underworld mythologies, and how VR storytelling can serve as a mirror for us to learn more about ourselves.


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Music: Fatality & Summer Trip

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