zimtok5VRChat is becoming one of the top streamed VR game as different Twitch personalities like pokelawls, dyrus, greekgodx, and LIRIK and YouTube personalities Jameskii & Nagzz21 start to role play in virtual worlds, and then capture clips of candid and funny interactions that are shared on the LiveStreamFail reddit. It may be surprising to some that these types of open-ended and casual VR experiences are gaining such traction with the live streaming communities, but VRChat is providing an experimental virtual context for IRL streams, improv role playing, and storytelling types of experiences for streamers. Livestreaming is providing important insights into the future of interactive media, and the importance of personality, character, and environmental context for immersive storytelling.

At Oculus Connect 4, I had a chance to catch up with Twitch Streamer Zimtok5, who is a variety streamer focusing solely on VR. He talks about how some of the more casual experiences make for great streaming since you’re able to connect more with the audience, or provide a context for you to connect to the personality and character of the steamer. We also talk about streaming VR titles, what makes for a good streaming experience in VR, as well as some of his favorite experiences to play on stream.


Zimtok5 says that there are skill-based streamers and character-based streamers. Within the last couple of months, the character-based streamers are starting to find a new outlet and home in social VR experiences like VRChat. Some Twitch streamers have established audiences that they’ve connected with via chat, but now they’re able to connect to their audiences in a real-time in shared virtual spaces. Handling text-based, Twitch chat interactions while streaming is still a challenging open problem, but Zimtok5 has found some creative workarounds by peaking at a second screen through the nose hole of the VR HMD. There’s more tools available for the Vive with the OpenVRTwitchChat plug-in that puts a text chat window on your wrist as you’re in VR. Given for how VR Chat has started to blow up over the last couple of months, 2018 looks like a banner year for social VR and Twitch streaming. You can tune into highlights from Zimtok5 on his YouTube channel, or livestreams on Twitch.

Zimtok5 also livestreamed our conversation on Twitch, and posted the VOD to YouTube

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