#606: Workflow for Interactive Narratives with Spatial Stories Toolset

Emilie-JolyEmilie Joly says that the rules of interaction are the stories within interactive narratives, and Apelab is creating the Spatial Stories plug-in and toolset in order to make it easier to define those rules. Unity uses an object-oriented approach for creating interactive environments, but it’s optimized for creating interactive video games. The Spatial Story toolset aims to create point-and-click interfaces geared towards immersive storytellers who want to create interactive experiences whether it’s in VR, AR, or mixed reality. Joly sees immersive storytellers as a combination of world building and writing, and they want to optimize the workflow for screenwriters and storytelling creatives such that they can more rapidly iterate ideas and experiences within both Unity and Unreal engines. They’re also building integrations with AI APIs in order to better implement conversational interfaces.

I had a chance to talk with Joly at Kaleidoscope VR’s FIRST LOOK market, and to walk through some of the features of the Spatial Story toolset, integrations with existing screenwriting tools like Final Draft, and metaphors that she uses to understand the unique affordances of interactive stories.


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