#562: Using Dance as Embodied Communication & Pushing the Boundaries of Editing & Movement with ‘Through You’

Through You - Director Lily BaldwinDance is all about bodies moving through space, and it’s something that shows the strength of the VR medium since there’s something that’s lost when it’s translated onto a 2D screen. Lily Baldwin observed how audience members heard the music differently through her expressions as a dancer touring with David Byrne, and she wanted to experiment with using dance a form of embodied communciation within virtual reality. She teamed up with VR filmmaker Saschka Unseld to create Through You, which is an emotional and poetic experimental film that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with camera movements and over 200 edits.

I had a chance to catch up with Baldwin at the Sundance Film Festival where we talk about her refined perception of body language, how she used bodies moving through space to communicate visceral emotion, and how they’re pushing the limits of editing and camera movement within VR. Through You
was released on Gear VR through the Oculus Video app available in the Oculus Store on August 1st, and is now available.

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