#318: Group Explorations of User-Generated Worlds with VRChat

jessejoudreyVRChat was one of the first social VR applications, and they’ve been holding regular virtual meetups for the past couple of years. VRChat has a Social SDK that allows Unity developers to add social functionality, and so they have been focusing on doing guided tours and group explorations of user-generated worlds. I had a chance to talk to co-founder Jesse Joudrey who had a lot of really interesting insights about the unique qualities of the VR medium to be able to facilitate these types of shared experiences where the narrative is created through the multitude of shared perspectives. VRChat wants to push the boundaries of being able to explore surreal worlds while still maintaining a suspension of disbelief that’s helped with social presence.


VRChat holds regular meetups every Sunday as well as the weekly talk show of Gunter’s Universe every Tuesday. Here’s a video a recent meetup with the users exploring various user-generated worlds:

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