sarah-northwayFantastic Contraption is an amazingly fun and super compelling world building tool where you make contraptions that can get from point A to B, and it was recently announced as one of the games that’s going to be bundled with the launch of the HTC Vive. I first caught up with the developers Sarah & Colin Northway at PAX Prime last August, and I just recently had a chance to get some updates from Sarah at the Unity Vision Summit. She talks about the updates to the gameplay including streamers that help you visualize the physics of your contraption better as well as how they’ve been optimizing for fun and play by making it possible to turn your contraption into a musical instrument. She also talks about the mixed reality Twitch streams, some of her favorite stories of people playing around as well as some of her own personal experiences of the effect of time dilation in VR.


Here’s the latest gameplay video published a few days ago:

Here’s an example of Mixed Reality Twitch Streaming

Fantastic Contraption featured on Made with Unity ad

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