#184: Tomáš Mariančík is the mad genius VR developer behind SightLine & NeosVR using Lightfields & Leap Motion 3DUI

Tomas-MariancikTomáš Mariančík (aka Frooxius) is one of the most innovative and mad genius VR developers that I’ve met. He is probably the most well known for SightLine: The Chair VR demo, which uses the mechanism of change blindness to cut between different scenes.

The version that’s on Oculus Share is an updated version of Sightline that he created for the Oculus Game Jam back in 2013, which destroys the concept of object permanence and creates an experience that you can only have in VR. You see a table, look away, and then look back and the table is gone. It’s a surreal experience to be within a world that is so volatile, which is what really excites Tomáš. He loves to explore realms that are only possible to do within VR.

Tomáš also talks about some of his work with incorporating light fields into 3D scenes within Unity, which allows him to include a lot more complicated geometries than he would otherwise be able to. Here’s a demo scene with lightfield diamonds where “the diamond image rendered using Blender’s Cycles pathtracer into a lightfield and then new views are synthesized and blended with the scene goeometry within the Unity scene.”

Tomáš also recently won a Broze prize within the Oculus Mobile Game Jam of 2015 with the educational experience called Neos VR, which Tomáš starts to allude to when talking about some of his future plans around building out an interactive educational metaverse.

Tomáš also created some innovated 3DUI with the Leap Motion in VR Comenius, which is an educational framework prototype for teaching about anatomy.

Tomáš is definitely a VR developer to keep an eye on, and you can track his latest experiments on his @frooxius Twitter account and his latest experiments on his YouTube channel.

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