#147: VR Input Announcment: Oculus Touch & Bundled Xbox Controller with Oculus Rift CV1

Virtual reality developers and enthusiasts have been waiting for Oculus to give some clarity on their default input solution, and today at their pre-E3 press conference they made some key announcements. The first is that CV1 will be shipping with a wireless Xbox controller, which means that VR developers for the Rift can rely upon having at least what has already been the industry standard input controller. The second key announcement is that Palmer Luckey showed off the Oculus Touch input controller prototype, which won’t be shipping until later in Q2 of 2016.

The Oculus Touch won’t be ready in time for the consumer launch, which creates some user input fragmentation within the VR experiences that developers are creating. There are some serious design design decisions that have to be made, and so VR developers will unfortunately have to design for both rather than picking the controller that’ll work the best for their game.

The lighthouse controllers with the HTC Vive will be launching in the holiday season of 2015, which means that the only outlet for full two-handed interactions and 3DUI will be with Valve’s HMD up until the middle of 2016. Hopefully the second consumer release of the Rift of CV2 will eventually ship with the Oculus Touch controllers so that Rift developers can rely on a standardized default 3DUI input solution.


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