#146: Sky Nite on Cytopia, body swap VR locomotion, & using VR for political commentary about surveillance

Sky Nite is the CEO of New Dimension VR, and he was at SVVRCon showing Cytopia. Cytopia features a main character inspired by Edward Snowden, and is about the abuses of surveillance and what happens a powerful NSA-like organization gains global control.

Sky talks about some of the limitations of movement that they implemented in order to create a more comfortable VR locomotion solution. In Cytopia, the levels are all designed so that you’re mostly moving forward to minimize the feelings of motion sickness.

Cyptopia also features a character that uses psychic powers in combination with head and hand tracking. One of the VR locomotion techniques and gameplay mechanics that they use is that you can psychically teleport into other people’s bodies, and then use whatever weapons and other items that that person has on their body.

Sky is also the author of the Virtual Reality Insider ebook, which is a great introductory text about the VR industry that provides a fairly comprehensive overview of the VR space. He’s planning on updating it after all of the E3 announcements come out over the next couple of weeks.

Sky is definitely a very animated and passionate evangelist for virtual reality, and you can follow his latest work via his e-mail list on New Dimension VR site.

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