Patrick-OLuanaighPatrick O’Luanaigh founded nDreams based out of Farnborough, UK in 2006 originally creating content for the PlayStation Home. After seeing some of the early consumer virtual reality head mounted displays, he quickly pivoted to focusing exclusively on creating immersive virtual reality content.

One of the first games that nDreams announced is called The Assembly, which is a sci-fi adventure game that presents the user with a number of different moral dilemmas. They’re not ready to talk too much about it yet, but Patrick did give some of the background story, intention and motivation behind exploring the medium of virtual reality through the process of making this adventure game. They’re planning on having it as a release title for both the Project Morpheus on the PS4 as well as for the Oculus Rift.

Patrick talks about the wide range of different initiatives ranging from developing for the Gear VR to helping AMD make some announcements about Liquid VR at GDC.

Patrick also talks about providing the seed funding for in order to build excitement for virtual reality by posting very frequently about all of the latest developments and announcements in the VR space. I had the chance to interview VRFocus editor-in-chief Kevin Joyce at the Immersion 2014 gathering in Los Angeles. VRFocus has established itself as the AP of the VR world posting 6-7 updates per day on all of the latest incremental developments, and Patrick talks about the editorial freedom that he provides to Kevin and the rest of the VRFocus team.

Patrick is certainly a key figure in the consumer VR space, and so I was definitely glad that I had a chance to catch up with him at GDC and hear more about his background and to hear where he thinks the overall virtual reality space is headed. nDreams is definitely focusing on the gaming market at first, but he sees that there are a lot of really exciting opportunities for education in VR.

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