Oliver “Doc_Ok” Kreylos is a research scientist / computer scientist who develops virtual reality applications for scientific research, specifically immersive 3D visualizations for the department of geology at the W.M. Keck Center for Active Visualization in the Earth Sciences (KeckCAVES).

He is an active participant in the Oculus subreddit posting as “Doc_Ok” where he has been gathering a lot of attention for his innovative data visualizations as well as an array of Kinects to create a “pseudo-holographic” avatar within virtual reality.

Oliver has been making virtual apps since 1998  including the Virtual Reality User Interface (aka Vrui) for navigating and interacting with immersive 3D visualizations of scientific data. He has a wealth of knowledge about VR, and has been providing a lot of insightful commentary on his blog at Doc-Ok.org.



  • 0:00 Intro & enabling scientific VR visualization
  • 1:57 Remote collaboration with scientific collaboration
  • 4:49 Developing the Virtual Reality User Interface (Vrui) toolkit
  • 8:01 3D visualizations that are impossible in 2D
  • 10:37 Converting 2D CAT scan slices into full 3D medical visualizations
  • 14:12 Future of Kinect-enabled telepresence collaboration
  • 16:32 Hardware & software stack for setting up a calibrated Kinect-array for telepresence
  • 19:07 Speculation on hacking Kinect V2
  • 21:37 How Kinect VR avatars can provide a sense of presence
  • 24:12 The importance of implementing positional head tracking for presence
  • 25:32 Importance of using 6DOF Hydra & STEM controllers with Vrui & data visualization
  • 27:29 Importance of supporting VR input devices in a unified manner to avoid previous VR mistakes
  • 28:32 Prophetic feedback on the Oculus DK1 that has been integrated into DK2
  • 31:33 Find Oliver online at Doc-Ok.org, @okreylos & Doc_Ok on Reddit. Oliver’s future projects


Music: “Fatality” by Tigoolio

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