Laval Virtual 2019
simon-richirThe first Laval Virtual Conference happened on 3-4 June, 1999 in Laval France, and had a chance to talk with the founder Simon Richir about the 20+ year history of Laval Virtual when I attended in 2019. It’s an amazing history of the evolution of the VR community in Europe that is not widely known within the XR industry here in the United States (or at least I had not heard much discussion about it until I attended in person).

Richir is also a professor at the Arts et M├ętiers ParisTech, and he’s the editor of the open access journal International Journal of Virtual Reality, which just published the “ConVRgence (VRIC) Virtual Reality International Conference Proceedings” from Laval Virtual 2020 (link to PDF of complete proceedings).

We talk about the evolution of Laval Virtual over the past 20 years where Richir speculated in 2019 that maybe future editions of Laval Virtual would happen in VR. This something that actually came to pass in 2020 during the global cornavirus pandemic when they moved the conference talks online for Laval Virtual World that took place on the Virbela platform.


Here’s a part of a speech that I made at the Laval Virtual 2019 Awards ceremony reflecting on the community that Laval Virtual has been able to cultivate.

Catching up with Richir a year after this interview at Laval Virtual World:

Here’s my coverage from Laval Virtual World 2020

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