Tripp is a VR toolkit to gamify meditation in order to help you self-regulate and perform better. They had a really interesting strategy of bootstrapping the company by targeting corporate wellness clients, which allowed them to create a production pipeline of generative art that is a lot more abstract and novel than a typical mindfulness app.

Tripp also has a heavy emphasis on assessment and creating approaches to customize and tune content for their users. They started as a B2B business, but have also been expanding onto consumer VR headsets having launched on the Go and Quest in 2019.

I had a chance to catch up with CEO Nanea Reeves at the Games for Change Conference where we talked about Tripp’s founding story, why they initially launched with the Daydream headsets, their approach to generative art, the role of biosensors and biometric data for assessment, and some of their future plans. Eventually they’ll be creating experiences to cultivate flow states, but they’re starting with interday and intraday content that’s focused on calming and relaxation.

I’m super impressed with Tripp, and the seem to have found a winning strategy that’s going to allow them to grow and expand into creating technology that’s going to allow users to become more mindful, relaxed, self-regulated, and perfomant.


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