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Melissa Upton, UNCSA Staff. 2/7/18The Media + Emerging Technology Lab (METL) is situated within the film school of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, and they have a couple of 6-month immersive storytelling residency programs coming up in 2020.

I talk with METL Director Ryan Schmaltz to get more context on these three initial positions that has a submission deadline of January 15th. But we also talk about their interdisciplinary approach to teaching film and art students how to start working with immersive technologies, spatial storytelling, and the intersection between enterprise training and art. Schmaltz comes from an engineering and business background, and so he’s been focused on cultivating collaborations and immersive experiences within different medical & enterprise contexts. He also talks about their focus on social equity, economic development, outreach and literacy to the local community in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Robust distribution options for immersive storytelling experiences stills needs to be fully figured out, but UNCSA’s METL is committed to experimenting with supporting artists through this residency program to continue to push innovation in the forms of immersive storytelling, explore new options for promotion of this type of work, and continue to build ties to the broader immersive industry as they continue to develop their curriculum to train the next generation of immersive storytellers.


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