robin-stethemRobin Stethem & Colin Northway want to start a movement of virtual reality art. They’ve built the Museum of Other Realities (aka “MOR”), which is a virtual gallery space that has VR pieces from some of the top virtual reality artists in the industry. Stethem design the virtual art galleries, and Northway did the majority of the programming on the experience.

colin-northwayNorthway previously worked on Fantastic Contraption, which he says gave him a lot of credibility when reaching out to fellow VR developers and artists. They’ve been holding regular events in a private beta for the past year to cultivate the artist community & allow them to show their work to their peers and be able to talk about it and connect on their social VR platform. They recently released an early access version timed with the launch of the Vive Index last month.

Northway & Stethem showed the Museum of Other Realities to press at GDC 2018, and I had a brief 25-minute slot to be able to have a brief demo, and then grab a quick 10-minute interview. We talked about the cultivating the VR artist community through social gatherings, the minimalist avatar representations, whether or not there are genres of art that are emerging yet, and future goals toward cultivating a viable economic ecosystem that can sustain virtual reality art.


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