robin-arnott2Andromeda Entertainment is creating and distributing immersive entertainment experiences for healing and self actualization. I previously talked with CEO Robin Arnott about his Sound Self experience, as well as a previous incarnation of Andromeda Entertainment when it was called Orpheus Technodelics. Arnott says that they’re interested in creating immersive experiences that could be used either as primers or assessment tools for psychedelic therapy or to cultivate mindfulness-based practices that could assist in integrating psychedelic experiences.

topher-sipesJoining Arnott is visual artist & VR performance artist Topher Sipes as well as flow artist and creative marketing director Swan. We talk about the intersections between psychedelic culture, immersive technologies, and contemplative meditation practices, and the variety of different flow states that they’re able to achieve through these intersections.

Another big topic of discussion was our wounded relationship to technology, and how technology usually puts us into a hyper mental state of consciousness. So what does it mean now that we have immersive technologies that are able to cultivate deeper embodied states of consciousness that increase our awareness of our bodies? There are many ancient “technologies” of plant medicines as well as breathing practices, and so they’re starting to explore some of these intersections by using breath as a gameplay mechanic in Sound Self, But they’re also thinking deeply about how technologies can be used to connect us to others and cultivate sanghas and communities of practice.

swan-vrAndromeda Entertainment is on the bleeding edge of fusing together psychedelic culture with immersive technologies that are aimed at the transformation of consciousness, and so it’ll be interesting to see the role that they may play in finding a niche therapeutic application for using immersive experiences as a form of psychedelic primer, assessment process, or post-psychedelic journey tool for integration.


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