babylonjs-devsBack at Microsoft Build 2018, I had a chance to talk to two of the lead programmers of Babylon.js, which is a JavaScript framework for building 3D immersive environments with HTML5 and WebGL. It’s a framework that’s similar to three.js or React 360, but uses Typescript and has more of a focus on enterprise applications. It’s developed and used internally at Microsoft, and there was a new release of Babylon.js 4.0 just that came out just ahead of Microsoft Build 2019. I conducted this interview on May 8, 2018 when Babylon 3.3 was the latest release, but the project leads David Rousset and David Catuhe provide a lot of context for the history and primary use cases for Babylon.js.

saurabh-bhatiaIn this conversation I also talk with Saurabh Bhatia who is a program manager on glTF and Babylon.js, and we talk about all of the various ways that Microsoft is using glTF in all of their various products. There’s a pretty significant paradigm shift happening with spatial computing that can be seen in how many of Microsoft’s main products are starting to integrate support for 3D object file open standards like glTF.

I’ll be at Microsoft Build 2019 on this Monday and Tuesday covering all of the latest mixed reality news for the Voices of VR podcast.


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