#718: Worldbuilding Insights from Speculative Architecture: How a Paper Architect-Inspired Architect Finds a Home in VR

quiddale-osullivanQuiddale O’Sullivan is an architect who is using his spatial design skills to design environments within virtual reality. We cover a wide variety of worldbuilding insights from an architectural perspective, and how the process of architecture is an iterative process that is informed by critical a theory of design for different types of spaces can cultivate human emotion or drive specific behaviors. When asked about any sort of universal design framework for architecture, O’Sullivan said, “You think you’ll discover some sort of rigorous process, but at the end of the day, it’s actually all about intuition.”

O’Sullivan was also really inspired by the avant-garde movements of so-called “paper architects” such as Lebbeus Woods, the Archigram Group in London, Ant Farm Group, & Cedric Price. These speculative architects weren’t as concerned with building actual buildings as much as pushing the limits of what’s possible with the medium of architecture, but with virtual reality, there aren’t the same physical constraints or limitations which means a lot of this either impossible or non-feasible sci-fi concepts designed by paper architects could start to find a home within virtual reality.

We cover a lot this design process, what social VR experiences can learn from stadium design for cultivating group experiences, the open questions of how environments really influence our behavior, where will the art be in VR, and why as an architect O’Sullivan strives for people to misuse the architectual spaces he’s designed.


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